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The Best Places to Visit in Australia in 2024: A Must-Read for Business Class Travelers

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Yes, we know your choice and how you want to plan your luxury travel, and in this new year we want to share contemplating travel destinations, the initial consideration often revolves around the mode of transportation.

Imagine a luxurious journey in business class and arriving in Sydney to spend your first night in a top-notch hotel. But, before delving into the enticing details of this indulgent experience, let's explore the compelling reasons for opting for business class travel.

Did you know that, on average, it takes 18 hours to journey from the USA to Australia?

Indeed, covering such a vast distance necessitates thoughtful consideration, and we are committed to making your travel worthwhile.

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In this article, we will guide you through the foremost attractions in Australia, encapsulating the essence of your Airtile experience, ensuring your visit to the Land Down Under is nothing short of extraordinary.Australia stands out as a premier destination, offering a blend of cosmopolitan charm and natural wonders. As we step into 2024, we bring you an exclusive guide to the best places to visit Down Under, designed for those seeking the epitome of opulence in their travels. From business class delights to gourmet dining and lavish accommodations, this article unfolds the perfect itinerary for a luxurious Australian getaway.



Why Go To Adelaide

  • Diverse Culinary Scene: Adelaide is home to a plethora of restaurants and bars, offering a rich culinary experience for visitors.

  • Wine Country Proximity: Situated near Barossa and McLaren Vale, renowned for producing Australia's world-class shiraz, Adelaide provides easy access to exceptional wine regions.

  • Scenic Location: The city is located along the picturesque south coast, with the nearby Gulf Saint Vincent and Kangaroo Island, known for prime wildlife-spotting and stunning landscapes.

  • Adelaide Botanic Garden: Nature lovers can explore the beauty of Adelaide through its Botanic Garden, showcasing a diverse range of flora.

  • Adelaide Zoo: Another attraction for nature enthusiasts, the Adelaide Zoo offers the chance to encounter various wildlife species.

  • Adelaide Central Market: Foodies can indulge in a variety of culinary delights, including cheeses and baked goods, at the bustling Adelaide Central Market.

  • Rundle Mall: Shopaholics will find delight in Rundle Mall, home to a variety of stores for a satisfying retail therapy experience.

  • Cultural Attractions: Immerse yourself in the city's cultural scene with visits to the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum.

In summary, Adelaide's unique blend of culinary, wine, nature, shopping, and cultural experiences makes it a compelling destination for any traveler.

11 Best Things To Do in Adelaide

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Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Why Go To Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef, revered as one of the original Seven Natural Wonders of the World, beckons travelers with its awe-inspiring beauty and unparalleled marine diversity. Stretching over 1,800 miles along the east coast of Queensland, Australia, this natural marvel comprises approximately 2,900 coral reefs, 600 islands, and a staggering 1,500-plus species of fish, creating an enchanting haven for its 2 million annual visitors.

Key Points:

  • Geographical Marvel: The Great Barrier Reef spans from Cape York in the north to Bundaberg in the south, making it an expansive wonder that captivates all who venture into its aquatic realm.

  • Cairns: Gateway to the North: Cairns, situated in the northern part of the reef, serves as a popular base for many visitors. Not only is it the closest access point to the mainland, but it also offers attractions like the Kuranda Scenic Railway and the Cairns Botanic Gardens.

  • Northern Wonders: Beyond Cairns, the northernmost section of the reef hosts attractions like Hartley's Crocodile Adventures and the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, adding a touch of adventure to the reef experience.

  • Central Marvels: Traveling down the coast, the central part of the reef unfolds, encompassing destinations such as Townsville and the Whitsunday Islands. Notable spots include Hamilton Island and the pristine Whitehaven Beach.

  • Untouched Beauty: Moving further south, the area between the Capricorn Coast and Fraser Island, including Airlie Beach, harbors the only section of the reef unaffected by severe coral bleaching events.

Enchanting Experiences:

  • Diverse Marine Exploration: Whether donning a scuba mask to peer into the vibrant underwater world or witnessing marine life from the comfort of a boat, the Great Barrier Reef offers unparalleled opportunities for exploration.

  • Sailing Adventures: Feel the tropical breeze unfurl your sail as you navigate the crystalline waters, immersing yourself in the tranquility and natural wonders surrounding you.

  • Aerial Perspectives: Elevate your experience by taking in the expansive beauty of the reef from above, providing a breathtaking panorama that showcases the grandeur of this natural wonder.

In essence, the Great Barrier Reef is not just a destination; it is a treasure trove of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, where every corner invites exploration and every moment promises to be unforgettable.

10 Best Things To Do in Great Barrier Reef

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Why Go To Perth

Perth: A Hidden Gem on Australia's West Coast

Nestled along the coast of Western Australia, Perth stands out as one of the world's most secluded cities, geographically closer to East Timor and Indonesia than to Sydney. Despite its isolation, Perth is a well-kept secret waiting to be discovered. With a population of 2 million, the city's rich history, shaped by the 19th-century gold rush and post-World War II developments, contributes to its unique character.

Key Points:

  • Geographic Isolation: Perth's distinction as one of the world's most isolated cities adds to its allure. Surprisingly, it is closer to East Timor and Indonesia than it is to the bustling city of Sydney on Australia's east coast.

  • Rising Popularity: Perth is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity, drawing attention for its distinct charm and laid-back ambiance. The city's easygoing energy reflects Australia's renowned relaxed lifestyle.

  • Historical Significance: Perth's evolution during the 19th-century gold rush and post-World War II era adds layers of history to its modern identity. The city seamlessly blends its historical roots with contemporary vibrancy.

  • Natural Beauty: The stunning beaches, vibrant coffee shops, vast green spaces, and lively neighborhoods exemplify Perth's commitment to embodying Australia's easygoing spirit.

  • Scenic Surroundings: Despite its isolation, Perth's sparsely populated surroundings offer captivating landscapes. The Swan Valley boasts lush vineyards and wineries, while the port city of Fremantle exudes charm, juxtaposing reminders of Australia's penal colony past with a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Rottnest Island Paradise: Just off the coast, Rottnest Island presents a picturesque retreat with pristine sands and turquoise waters, making it a haven for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

  • Proximity to Adelaide: Perth's remoteness is highlighted by the fact that the nearest major city, Adelaide, is over 1,300 miles away. This isolation contributes to the unique charm of Perth and its surrounding areas.

In essence, Perth is not just a city; it's a hidden gem waiting to be explored. From its historical roots to its modern vibrancy, and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, Perth offers a distinctive Australian experience that captivates those willing to venture to the western edge of the continent.

11 Best Things To Do in Perth

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Why Go To Tasmania

Tasmania: A Remote Paradise of Historical Riches and Natural Wonders

If your travel dreams include a remote haven adorned with historical charm, pristine beaches, unique wildlife, and breathtaking mountains, then Tasmania, affectionately known as Tassie by the locals, awaits your exploration. Situated approximately 150 miles south of Australia's mainland, this island beckons adventurers of all kinds, promising a rich tapestry of experiences.

Key Points:

  • Remote Beauty: Tasmania's allure lies in its remoteness, offering a secluded escape from the hustle and bustle of mainland Australia. The island's unique charm is shaped by its historical past and unspoiled natural landscapes.

  • Adventure Awaits: Whether you're a family seeking a leisurely stroll across the suspension bridge at the Launceston Cataract Gorge & First Basin or an adrenaline junkie craving the challenge of hiking Wellington Park's Organ Pipes, Tasmania caters to diverse adventure seekers.

  • Mountain Majesty: Thrill-seekers can embark on a multiday trek along Cradle Mountain's Overland Track, immersing themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of the island's mountainous landscapes.

  • Coastal Delights: Freycinet National Park invites water sports enthusiasts to indulge in activities like snorkeling and kayaking against the backdrop of pristine coastal vistas.

  • Historical Intrigue: As the sun sets, immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of an evening ghost tour at the Port Arthur Historic Site, delving into Tasmania's intriguing history.

  • Cultural Exploration: In between adventures, Tasmania offers a blend of shops and art galleries, providing opportunities for cultural exploration and the discovery of locally crafted treasures.

  • Culinary Delights: Eateries on the island serve up fresh seafood and produce, complemented by locally made wines, beers, ciders, and spirits. Indulge in Tasmania's culinary scene, which reflects its commitment to quality and local flavors.

In essence, Tasmania is a hidden paradise that unfolds with each step, from historical landmarks to natural wonders. Whether you seek adventure, cultural experiences, or a gastronomic journey, Tassie captivates visitors with its diverse offerings, making it an ideal destination for those yearning for a unique and remote escape.

8 Best Things To Do in Tasmania

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Why Go To Brisbane

Brisbane: Australia's Hidden Gem in the Sunshine State

When crafting your Australian itinerary, the capital of Queensland might not be your initial choice, overshadowed by the more renowned tourist hubs like Sydney and Melbourne. However, Brisbane, the country's third-largest metropolis, emerges as a hidden gem with its subtropical climate, vibrant arts scene, and an array of outdoor activities that make it a compelling destination for your Down Under adventure.

Key Points:

  • Overlooked Charm: Brisbane, often overshadowed by its more famous counterparts, stands as Australia's third-largest city, revealing a charm often overlooked by travelers in favor of more popular destinations.

  • Subtropical Paradise: Nestled in the southeast corner of Queensland, also known as the Sunshine State, Brisbane embodies an enticing blend of sophistication and easygoing vibes, thanks to its subtropical climate.

  • Riverside Serenity: The city's picturesque riverside setting not only provides a tranquil escape for adventurers but also sets the stage for a trendy restaurant scene and vibrant nightlife, catering to those in search of a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

  • Heart-Pumping Adventures: Thrill-seekers will find their fix in Brisbane with activities like climbing the iconic Story Bridge, offering panoramic views of the cityscape that are sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

  • Sports Enthusiasts' Haven: For sports fanatics, a visit to Suncorp Stadium is a must, providing an opportunity to catch a riveting rugby match and immerse in the fervor of Australian sports culture.

  • Oases of Relaxation: Those yearning for relaxation can unwind amidst the lush greenery of the City Botanic Gardens, Roma Street Parkland, and the Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha, creating serene havens within the bustling city.

In essence, Brisbane invites you to discover its often overlooked allure, combining urban sophistication with the tranquility of its natural surroundings. Whether you're seeking adventure, cultural vibrancy, or a moment of relaxation, Brisbane's diverse offerings make it a worthy addition to your Australian travel itinerary.

10 Best Things To Do in Brisbane

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Melbourne: A Cultural Tapestry

Why Go To Melbourne

Melbourne: The Big Small Town with Urban Charisma

With a population exceeding four million, Melbourne is more than a city; it's a colossal small town that defies the conventional urban hustle. This metropolis possesses the trappings of a major city, boasting vibrant neighborhoods, culinary excellence, and a plethora of notable activities. Yet, Melbourne stands apart with its unique charm, situated in wine country alongside the serene waters of Port Phillip Bay, an aspect that significantly contributes to its laid-back personality.

Key Points:

  • Big Small Town Feel: Despite its large population, Melbourne maintains an uncanny "big small town" ambiance. This characteristic sets it apart from typical urban environments, fostering a sense of community and approachability.

  • Natural Landscape Influence: Nestled in wine country, Melbourne's proximity to the tranquil waters of Port Phillip Bay infuses a natural charm into the city. This landscape plays a pivotal role in shaping the city's laid-back and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Culinary and Wine Delights: Explore the nearby Yarra Valley for exquisite wine tasting or leisurely enjoy a flat white at one of Melbourne's charming sidewalk cafes. The city's culinary scene is renowned, offering a diverse array of award-winning cuisine.

  • Relaxation Induction: Melbourne possesses a unique ability to induce relaxation, whether you're strolling through the vibrant streets or immersing yourself in the city's cultural offerings. It effortlessly balances urban vigor with a soothing vibe.

  • Epic Nightlife: Contrary to its serene exterior, Melbourne pulses with high-energy activities, especially in its epic nightlife. From lively clubs to intimate concert stages, the city offers a diverse range of nighttime experiences.

  • Sports Enthusiast's Paradise: The iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground stands as a testament to the city's passion for sports. It is a powerhouse in the sporting world and a must-visit for enthusiasts seeking to absorb the fervor of Melbourne's sports culture.

  • Harmonious Urban Pace: Melbourne provides the seemingly paradoxical – a stress-free ambiance within the bustling excitement of a metropolis. Its harmonious blend of urban dynamism and laid-back charm creates an atmosphere that resonates with both locals and visitors.

In summary, Melbourne is a city that transcends its urban identity, offering a welcoming, laid-back vibe that complements the energetic pulse of a metropolis. It's a destination where the city's heart beats in rhythm with the tranquility of its natural surroundings, creating an unparalleled experience for those fortunate enough to explore its dynamic streets.

11 Best Things To Do in Melbourne

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Sydney: Where Modernity Meets Natural Beauty

Why Go to Sydney?

Sydney: A Dynamic Tapestry of Coastal Charms and Urban Energy

Sydney, a captivating destination in the Southern Hemisphere, seamlessly combines laid-back coastal charm with the vibrancy of a bustling metropolis, making it a must-visit for travelers seeking a diverse and unforgettable experience.

Key Highlights:

  • Iconic Landmarks: Sydney proudly boasts globally renowned landmarks, with the iconic Sydney Opera House standing as a cultural pinnacle. Watching a performance within its distinctive sails is an unparalleled experience.

  • Surfing Paradise: The famous Bondi Beach beckons surf enthusiasts with perfect waves, while Sydney's coastal areas not only offer thrilling surf opportunities but also picturesque landscapes that captivate beachgoers.

  • Diverse Activities: Sydney caters to a spectrum of interests, from exploring historic areas like The Rocks to reveling in the vibrant atmosphere of Darling Harbour. The fusion of fashion-forward trends with a relaxed coastal vibe creates a dynamic and diverse ambiance.

  • Local Lifestyle: Immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle of Sydneysiders, effortlessly blending fashionable attire with a laid-back "no worries" attitude. The city seamlessly merges cosmopolitan living with the ease of coastal relaxation.

  • Abundant Beaches: Sydney's coastal charm extends to numerous beaches, each with its own character. Whether drawn to the lively atmosphere of Manly Beach or the serene surroundings of Coogee, there's a coastal escape to suit every preference.

  • Adventure and Relaxation: Sydney caters to thrill-seekers with heart-pounding adventures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb, while those seeking relaxation can unwind at pristine beaches or take leisurely strolls through the Royal Botanic Garden.

  • Cultural Events: Sydney's vibrant cultural scene comes to life through various festivals and events, such as Sculpture by the Sea, Vivid Sydney, and the Night Noodle Markets. These gatherings showcase the city's dynamism and creativity.

  • Sports and Museums: Sports enthusiasts can catch the excitement of a rugby match, while culture buffs explore the city's museums. Sydney offers a diverse range of activities, ensuring there's something for every interest.

In essence, Sydney's allure lies in its ability to weave a rich tapestry of culture, adventure, and relaxation. The city warmly welcomes visitors with its diverse attractions, creating an immersive experience that resonates with the spirit of Australia. Sydney's dynamic blend of coastal beauty and urban energy makes it a natural and irresistible choice for those exploring Australia for the first time.

20 Best Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

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In closing, your journey to Australia in 2024 promises a tapestry of opulence, guided by the expertise of businesstravel365. From the iconic allure of Sydney to the hidden gems like Adelaide and Perth, each destination unfolds a unique chapter of indulgence.

The Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania offer unparalleled natural wonders, while Brisbane and Melbourne, often overlooked, reveal their charms through sub-tropical paradises and vibrant urban landscapes. For the best deals on business class tickets, trust businesstravel365 to elevate your experience and secure discounted options, ensuring your voyage to Australia is not only luxurious but also cost-effective.

As you embark on this adventure, let businesstravel365 be your companion, curating extraordinary moments that blend seamlessly with the essence of Australia. Your opulent journey Down Under awaits – make it unforgettable with businesstravel365.

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