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Top five business class cabins

August 30, 2023 24 min Read
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When you're paying good money for a business class flight you expect the product purchased to show the quality the price tag suggests, however, there are times when you can feel a little let down by the experience. Fortunately here at you can get discounted airfares with airlines that base their reputation on giving you your money’s worth every time. Below are the current top 5 business class cabins in the industry as ranked by skytrax. These airlines have consistently ranked at the top of the list due to their all round dedication to each detail that makes up an exceptional business class experience.

Etihad Airways Business Class Cabin

NO 5

Etihad Airways (EY): operates from Abu Dhabi international airport (AUH) 

With the arrival of their brand new Airbus A350-1000's, Etihad has been able to introduce a new business class suite which includes a privacy door for complete isolation. The seats themselves have some very impressive features including allowing the passenger to select the firmness of their seat. On board you’ll find the cabins laid out in a forward facing 1-2-1 herringbone configuration with all aisle access. Due to their commitment to be carbon free by 2050, Etihad have removed the central overhead baggage compartments which not only lightens the aircraft, making it more fuel efficient but also gives their business class cabin a feeling of extra space and allows for more natural light. Their fleet of Boeing 787-9 dreamliners are also equipped with new business class seats although of different design and set in 1-2-1 staggered configurations which include forward and aft facing seats. While this version of the business class product does not offer the privacy door it’s only the middle aft facing seats that are situated directly side by side  and are fitted with privacy screens to pull across, should your neighbor be overly chatty! 

  • Services about 90 destinations covering Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, Europe and North America.

  • Seat configuration 1-2-1 throughout its fleet's business class cabins, ensuring all aisle access.

  • Airbus A350-1000 offers direct flights from Chicago (ORD) or NYC (JFK) to Abu Dhabi.

Best discounts to be found with when departing from the American East coast and flying to Abu Dhabi, India and Asia

Emirates Business Class Seats

NO 4

Emirates (EK): operates from Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Emirates have not been outside the top 10 in the past decade and have taken top spot twice in that time, 2013 and 2016. With an industry leading dedication to comfort and luxury, business class passengers are in safe hands with Emirates. Although Emirates current business class cabin design was introduced in 2012 they still provide one of the best services with bar areas introduced. They also provide individual mena and women amenity kits,  Aqua Pour Homme and Omnia Crystalline collection from Bvlgari.

As of the end of 2022 Emirates will be updating their business class cabins and introducing a premium economy class to its fleet that should have the industry on high alert. No announcement has been made on the product they have chosen but as it’s Emirates we can assume it will be the next step in comfort.

  • Service approximately 160 destinations in 70 countries.

  • Seat specs: Lie-flat, 18.5” wide. A380 configuration 1-2-1, Boeing 777 configuration 2-3-2.

  • Not a member of any of the 3 Alliances, however, it does code share with 15 different airlines. 

  • Free wifi

Best discounts with when departing from the American East coast flying to Dubai.

‘The Room’ business class suit on ANA 

NO 3

ANA All Nippon Airways (NH): operates from primary hubs at Tokyo's Haneda International Airport (HND) and Narita International Airport (NRT).

ANA’s business class is presented as a taster of Japanese culture with their in-flight menu offering kaiseki cuisine along with excellent Saki. Their seats are configured in 1-2-1 and on board a number of their Boeing 777-300ER they have their updated business class suites they have named ‘The Room’. These seats have sliding doors for complete privacy and are slightly bigger than their older seats. If you should find yourself booking a flight with The Room suites on board you should note that while the configuration stays as 1-2-1 it does alternate between afft facing and forward facing seats.

  • Seat width in ‘The Room’ business class is 35”.

  • Privacy screen

  • Amenities from Globe-Trotter and cosmetics brand Shiro

Best discounts with on flights originating from the American West coast flying to Japan.

Singapore Airlines New Business Class

Singapore Airlines Business Class Seats

NO 2

Singapore airlines (SQ): Flies from their main hub Changi airport (SIN).

While most of its competitors have bounced up and down the top 10 over the past decade, Singapore airlines has remained remarkably stable ranking no lower 3rd and topping the list in 2018. With cabin upgrades coming far more regularly than their competitors they have managed to establish themselves as the benchmark within the industry. Their business class product fitted in their Boeing 777 and Airbus A350 is, yet again, another step up in refined luxury. Their Lazy-Z or Sundeck seats offer unprecedented comfort, the widest in the industry at 30 inches, in semi-reclined positions, cradling you or extending your leg rest position into a lounger-esque affair. Singapore airlines dining menu only elevates the whole experience with multiple renowned chefs offering their experience to their in flight menu. Should you feel like it you can order your main course options up to 24hrs in advance. 

  • Privacy door

  • All business class seats 30” in width

  • On demand menu

  • Free wifi

Best discounts with when departing from the American West coast or Houston (IAH).

Qatar Airways Business class, ‘Qsuite’

‍NO 1

Qatar Airways (QR): Operates from its main hub in Doha, Qatar (DOH).

Dominating the industry at this level for over a decade, never dropping lower than the top 3 and topping the list a staggering 6 times since 2011, Qatar Airways is the gold standard when it comes to business class travel. Having ascended through the ranks of the competition at a rate of knotts they have continually achieved their aim with an attention to detail only matched occasionally. With the introduction of their Qsuite business class product they have, yet again, raised the bar of luxury travel in business class. For their overnight  long haul and ultra long haul services they now offer sleepwear and slippers from The White Company. Your lie-flat seats, when it comes time to sleep, will be dressed for you with a quilted mattress and soft duvet helping to lull you into a comfortable sleep. Dining while flying with Qatar Airways is as you would expect from the industry leader. A la carte menu available on demand meaning you don’t have to wait to experience their restaurant quality offering along with their wines to match.

As a package Qatar Airways business class is as well rounded and detail focused as you could hope for. 

  • Privacy door

  • Free wifi

  • All access power ports.

  • Dual screen interface

Best discounts with when departing from the American East coast and flying to Dubai and Africa.


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