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Amenity Kits That Will Make Flying Business Class Even Better in 2024

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Top 7 Business Class ailrines amenity kits 2024

Business class amenity kits are an important part of the luxury travel experience for frequent flyers. These kits provide comfort, convenience, and a touch of indulgence during long-haul flights. For many road warriors who travel in business class several times per month, the amenity kit can be the highlight of the journey.

Airlines invest significant resources into designing and curating amenity kits that reflect their brand and appeal to their top customers. The bags often come with premium skincare products, luxury socks and sleep masks, dental kits, and other useful items for freshening up at 30,000 feet. Beyond the practical items, the amenity kit itself becomes a souvenir and collectible for some travelers.

With airlines competing fiercely for high-revenue business class customers, their amenity kits have become an important way to stand out during the in-flight experience. This ranking reviews 7 of the best business class amenity kits that travelers can expect to find in 2024.

Ranking methodology

Business class amenity kits aboard long-haul flights come in a range of qualities and contents. When creating this 2024 ranking of the top 7 best business class amenity kits, several factors were considered:

  • Quality of products: Higher quality products included premium skincare, cosmetics, and grooming products from luxury brands. More generic items or non-brand products were given a lower quality ranking.

  • Usefulness of contents: Kits with more useful items for an in-flight experience like sleep masks, lip balm, moisturizer scored higher than kits with less useful fillers. Items like dental kits, socks and other essentials were also weighted.

  • Presentation & uniqueness: Beautiful designs, packing and presentation were evaluated. Kits that stood out with unique items or elevated gift box designs ranked higher than generic bags.

  • Breadth of contents: Kits with a wider variety of products tend to provide a better overall experience. The number of products and their diversity across skincare, cosmetics and wellbeing contributed to the ranking.

  • Brand reputation: Airlines with consistently highly rated amenity kits across business and first class scored well. Long-standing reputation for premium kits influenced the ratings.

By evaluating business class amenity kits on these criteria, the top 7 ranking aims to highlight the airline amenity kits that provide an excellent in-flight experience through quality, uniqueness and usefulness in 2024.

1. Emirates

Emirates is renowned for its luxurious amenity kits in business class. The airline partners with luxury brands to provide passengers with kits containing high-end skincare and cosmetics.

The latest Emirates business class amenity kit is designed by Byredo. It contains skincare essentials like a facial moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, and dental kit. Passengers also receive Byredo-branded socks, eyeshades, and pillow mist to promote restful sleep.

The bag itself is one of the best features. Crafted from supple leather, it has a minimalist, elegant look and makes for a chic carry-on tote after the flight. The leather is ethically-sourced and the bag is roomy enough to hold in-flight items while remaining lightweight.

Emirates puts thought into the whole experience. The products smell divine and feel opulent on the skin. Little touches like refreshing facial mist and scented pillow spray enhance the luxury. Even the socks keep feet cozy.

While some airlines opt for unexciting amenity kits, Emirates makes them an integral part of the premium experience. The sleek leather bag fills a practical need while offering a sophisticated souvenir. And the high-end skincare leaves passengers revived and ready to go.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is consistently ranked as one of the top airlines in the world for its premium cabins and service. The airline's business class amenity kits reflect its commitment to the passenger experience.

The Singapore Airlines business class amenity kit features skincare and cosmetics from Lalique, the renowned French crystal company. The kit includes lip balm, hand cream, facial mist, moisturizer, and perfume, allowing passengers to pamper themselves throughout the flight.

Singapore Airlines changes up the amenity kit bag design every few months to keep things interesting for frequent flyers. Recent designs include abstract prints in calming blue hues as well as more playful bags featuring tropical motifs. Regardless of the design, the bags are made of high-quality textiles and feature the Singapore Airlines logo.

The contents of the kit are thoughtfully curated for the inflight environment. The lip balm and facial mist provide welcome hydration in the dry cabin air. The hand cream soothes hands that may feel rough after frequent hand washing and sanitizing. And the perfume adds a touch of luxury when freshening up mid-flight.

While other airlines opt for more generic toiletry kits, Singapore Airlines stands out with amenity bags that feel premium. The carefully designed bags paired with pampering skincare products from Lalique make the Singapore Airlines amenity kit one of the best in business class.

3. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific's business class amenity kits stand out for their focus on luxury and premium products. The airline partners with a variety of high-end brands like Acca Kappa and Aesop to create kits that feel like an elevated, at-home spa experience.

The Acca Kappa kits contain skincare and lip balm from Aesop in reusable, eco-friendly bags made of natural cotton and linen. On longer haul flights, passengers receive pajamas and slippers in addition to the basic amenities. The pajamas are light and breathable, great for sleeping on long journeys.

Cathay is known for changing up their kits seasonally based on the latest luxury brand partnerships. Recent collaborations have included Bamford, Gin Lee, and Swire Hotels' East Hong Kong restaurant. While the brands may change, the dedication to quality, thoughtful design, and natural ingredients remains consistent.

Though not as flashy in appearance as some competitors, Cathay Pacific's classic style and pampering products make their kits a standout. Frequent flyers love collecting the different iterations over time.

4. Air France

Air France's business class amenity kits showcase the sophistication of flying with this premium French carrier. The kits contain luxurious skincare and cosmetics from some of France's most prestigious brands.

The Air France kits feature skincare products from Carita, an iconic French beauty brand founded in Paris. Each kit contains Carita's nourishing hand cream and lip balm to pamper hands and lips during the flight. The lip balm contains shea butter and vitamins to hydrate lips.

For an extra touch of luxury, Air France includes exclusive cosmetics from Givenchy, the renowned French fashion and beauty house. Givenchy products like mascara, lipstick, and face cream allow passengers to refresh their makeup inflight. The cosmetics come in stylish leather cases embossed with Givenchy's logo.

To complete the pampering, Air France offers slippers, eye masks, and moisturizing socks from legendary French shoemaker Repetto. The soft Repetto slippers and moisturizing socks made from shea butter make it easy to relax and unwind during long haul flights.

The contents exude French artistry and quality. Everything comes thoughtfully presented in sleek designer bags from Zadig & Voltaire, the Parisian ready-to-wear fashion brand. With luxury skincare, cosmetics, and accessories from iconic French maisons, Air France's kits capture the essence of chic, Parisian style.

5. British Airways

British Airways amenity kits for business class are designed in partnership with Liberty of London. The unisex kits feature Liberty’s floral print patterns on the exterior of the sleek leather pouch.

The contents of the amenity kit include all the essentials for an international business class flight. Passengers receive an eye mask, socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, pen, and Rituals brand hydrating face moisturizer and lip balm. The inclusion of Liberty's iconic brand pattern is a nice touch that makes the kits feel high-end.

While not the most luxurious or lavish business class amenity kit, British Airways provides a solid kit with quality basics inside a stylish Liberty London pouch. The focus on top British brands gives it a refined and classic feel. For understated luxury with tasteful British flair, the British Airways kits deliver.

6. Lufthansa

Lufthansa's Business Class amenity kits offer a refined and sophisticated experience for passengers. The kits are designed by German bag manufacturer Rimowa, known for its high-quality aluminum luggage.

The kits contain Lufthansa's trademark products, crafted exclusively for the airline. This includes body lotion and lip balm from La Prairie, along with other skincare essentials. For a complete oral care regimen, the kit includes toothpaste, a toothbrush, and mouthwash.

To aid sleep and relaxation on long-haul flights, Lufthansa provides cozy eyeshades and slippers. Noise-canceling headphones help drown out cabin noise. For convenience, the kits offer items like a comb, socks, and shoehorn.

In terms of style, the sleek metallic gray bag exudes modern elegance. The minimalist designs match the understated luxury of Lufthansa's cabins. Kits for First Class are even more refined, with high-end La Prairie skincare products presented in a stylish hard case.

With premium comfort items and an elegant bag, Lufthansa's amenity kit enhances the premium flying experience. The attention to detail reflects Lufthansa's exceptional service and hospitality.

7. American Airlines

  • One of the most recognizable names in the industry, American Airlines has an undisputed presence across much of the globe. The airline's unique branding and identity are reflected in their business class amenity kits, which showcase their stylish, contemporary design.

  • American Airlines partners with luxury skincare brand This Works for their business class amenity kits. The sleek black bags feature the AA logo prominently on the front. Inside, passengers will find dental kits, eye masks, socks, and other travel essentials.

  • The highlight is undoubtedly the skincare products from This Works. Travelers receive pillow spray, face cream, hand cream, lip balm, and refreshing wipes with natural ingredients like aloe vera and green tea. These high-quality items help passengers arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

  • While not as opulent as some other airlines' offerings, American's kits offer a refined selection of useful products rather than going over the top. The partnerships with leading brands provide quality you can rely on. For a dependable business class experience, American Airlines amenity kits deliver.

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