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The top 5 business class airlines to Europe

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There is no doubt that when it comes to deciding on a business class flight from the United States to Europe you're spoilt for choice. Here we have a choice from 5 of the best airlines that provide a true representation of business class on international routings. Their business class seating is matched by the service they provide before, during and after the flight.

Lufthansa: Est. 1953 


Because Lufthansa has the same seats in all their business class cabins you’re guaranteed consistent comfort regardless of your international flight route. As Europe's only 5 star carrier Lufthansa’s business class service is as good as it gets with constant high ratings for their menu and service. As of 2023 Lufthansa plans to roll out their new business class suite on the new A350 and Boeing 787. They say their new business class seats focus heavily on the customers comfort while sleeping. The seats have been designed in such a way that allows your shoulder to comfortably sink into the back rest, allowing even side sleepers to drift off into dreamland. While they say the focus is on sleep they haven’t forgotten about your immediate surroundings either. The dedicated work stations in each pod gives plenty of room for ideas to flow freely. 

  • Lounge access 

  • 2x 32kg complimentary check-in baggage

  • Priority check-in

  • Fast track security

  • Priority boarding

  • Fully lie-flat, open plan 

  • Wifi

  • USB

  • Touch screen TV

  • À la carte

Lufthansa’s lie-flat seats are the same on all their aircraft

United Airlines: Est. 1926


With United Airlines now running their flagship United Polaris® business class on all their international flights you’ll find yourself in comfortable surroundings for your flights to Europe. All, except their Boeing 757, models allow for all aisle access and are in a 1-2-1, 1-1-1 or 2-1-2 (767 model) configuration. Although you don’t get the door you find on its competitors you do still experience a good level of privacy with United Polaris® business class as all seats are designed as semi closed pods. Dining on board is provided through à la carte with snacks freely available throughout the flight.

  • Polaris lounge and partner lounge access

  • 3x 32kg complimentary check in baggage

  • Premier access (priority boarding)

  • Lie-flat seats

  • Saks fifth avenue bedding

  • Sleep-themed amenity kits

United’s 777-300ER with 1-2-1 Polaris

Delta: Est. 1925


In 2017 Delta finally updated their aging business class (Delta One) and they didn’t do it by half measure either. They made the very wise decision of introducing complete privacy suites with sliding doors. In 2019 Delta’s new Airbus A330-900neo fleet entered into service followed swiftly in 2021 by their new Airbus A350-900, all of which are fitted with the new Delta one design. With these new introductions Delta have managed to elevate their image and place themselves higher up the rankings for worlds best business class carrier.

  • Delta One club access

  • Priority Boarding

  • 2x 32kg check baggage free

  • Baggage handling 

  • Lie-flat seats

  • Hand crafted amenity kits from Someone Somewhere

Delta One Suite

American Airlines: Est. 1926


American Airlines Flagship Business class can be found on all their flights to Europe so no matter your destination you are going to arrive feeling ready for what lies ahead. Configured 1-2-1 plan you have all aisle access no matter where you sit. All this comes beautifully accompanied by, some would say, a surprisingly high end à la carte menu. If you happen to be flying from the US to London then upon disembarking you can take advantage of their arrival lounge, with a spa and showers, perfect for freshening up before that important meeting.

  • Option to add the Five Star Service™

  • Access to all lounges

  • Priority boarding

  • Security fast track

  • 3x complimentary 32kg check-in baggage

  • Lie-flat seats

  • All Aisle access

  • À la carte

American Airlines Flagship® Business class

British Airways: Est. 1916


British Airways aren’t to be left behind by the competition and have also upgraded their business class suites very recently. They also opted for the fully lie-flat pods with closing doors allowing you complete privacy when you choose and the cabin layout configured in 1-2-1. With a 17” high resolution screen for you the immerse yourself in the flight will almost seem too short. If you’re flying for business and need to work during the flight, the seats on this airline come with exceptional work space.

  • Lounge access

  • Priority boarding

  • Express security check

  • 2x 23kg complimentary check-in baggage

  • Lie-flat, private pods

  • All aisle access 

  • Bedding by The White Company

British Airways business class allows all aisle access

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