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Top 5 Best business class airlines flying to Europe from USA in 2024

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In 2024, business class travel from the United States to Europe is better than ever. Airline companies have invested heavily in upgrading their business class cabins and amenities to attract premium travelers willing to pay more for an enhanced flight experience.

This article will provide an overview of the top 5 airlines with the best business class products flying transatlantic routes between the US and Europe in 2024. We will examine the seat comfort, bedding, dining, entertainment, lounge access, and other special amenities that set these airlines apart. Whether you're a frequent business traveler looking for the ultimate workspace in the sky or a leisure flyer who wants to arrive well-rested and pampered, these airlines offer the finest accommodations across the Atlantic.

Factors like fully lie-flat seating, aisle access for every passenger, widescreens and noise-canceling headphones, and premium wines and cuisine all contribute to a memorable journey at 37,000 feet. Read on to learn which carriers are leading the way with their business class offerings on US to Europe itineraries in 2024.


Emirates offers one of the top business class products in the skies, providing an exceptional inflight experience on their modern fleet of aircraft. Their latest business class suites are some of the most spacious and private in the industry, with fully enclosed pods that close for absolute privacy.

The standout feature of Emirates business class is the in-suite experience. Their newest seats have customizable ambient lighting, a video call service to communicate with the crew, and virtual windows that display live camera views from outside the aircraft on interior suites. The seats recline into lie-flat beds, with lush linens and mattresses for sleeping comfort on long haul flights. The inflight entertainment screen is massive, with over 5,000 channels of movies, TV shows, and music.

Emirates takes dining very seriously, offering restaurant-quality meals paired with fine wines on demand. Business class passengers can pre-order gourmet meals designed by renowned chefs ahead of their flights. While onboard, they can choose from a dine-on-demand menu at any time. Emirates' signature cocktail and wine lists have won multiple awards. The flight attendants provide impeccable service with care and attention to detail.

The Emirates business class ground experience is also top-notch. Passengers enjoy premium lounge access, expedited check-in, and chauffeur drive service in many locations. Known for their lavish airport lounges, Emirates provides first class amenities like spa treatments, fine dining, and showers in select business class lounges. With exceptional service both in the air and on the ground, Emirates remains a top choice for business travel to Europe.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is a high-end airline that offers one of the best business class experiences when flying to Europe from the US. Singapore Airlines operates an extensive route network with flights out of major airports across the US.

Singapore Airlines business class features lie-flat seats with ample padding and cushioning for comfort on long-haul flights to Europe. The seats are arranged in a forward-facing 1-2-1 configuration, providing direct aisle access for every passenger.

The onboard service is where Singapore Airlines business class really shines. Flight attendants provide personalized meal orders cooked by professional chefs and an extensive drink menu with premium wines and champagne. The cabin crew attentively caters to the needs of every business class passenger throughout the flight.

The inflight entertainment system features an large high-definition touchscreen at each seat with hundreds of options for movies, TV shows, music, and games. Noise-cancelling headphones are provided as well. WiFi connectivity is available for a fee to stay productive or connected during the flight.

Other amenities in Singapore Airlines business class include luxury bedding and skincare products for added comfort and pampering. Business class passengers also get priority services like expedited check-in and boarding. Lounge access is provided before the flight and during layovers.

With its modern cabin, impeccable service, and luxurious details, Singapore Airlines business class offers one of the top premium flight experiences for US travelers headed to Europe.


Lufthansa offers one of the top business class experiences for flights from the US to Europe. Their business class product is known as Lufthansa Business Class and features lie-flat seats with excellent privacy and aisle access from every seat.

Lufthansa prioritizes service and hospitality in business class, with friendly and attentive flight attendants providing excellent meals on demand, ensuring sleep comfort with mattress pads and pillows, and proactively addressing any needs throughout the flight.

The Lufthansa business class seat is a comfortable fully lie-flat model with intuitive seat controls, folding tray tables, and ample storage space. At bedtime, the crew converts the seat into a 2-meter fully flat bed and adds mattress pads, pillows, and blankets for a restful sleep in the sky.

Lufthansa business class customers also enjoy luxury amenities like slippers, pajamas, and premium Bulgari toiletries. Inflight dining is a highlight, with menu offerings created by gourmet chefs and premium wines selected by sommeliers. Special meal requests can be accommodated as well.

With excellent dining, amenities, service, and one of the best lie-flat seats in business class, Lufthansa delivers a top-notch experience flying to Europe. Their combination of German hospitality, attention to detail, and focus on passenger comfort secures their place among the finest transatlantic business class products today.

British Airways

British Airways offers one of the top business class products for flights between the US and Europe, featuring excellent service, amenities, and comfort whether you choose Club World (on British Airways aircraft) or Club Suite (on some retrofitted aircraft).

The British Airways Club World business class seat is a comfortable lie-flat pod with direct aisle access. You'll get plenty of personal space and privacy thanks to the herringbone configuration. Amenities include an 18.5-inch entertainment screen, noise-canceling headphones, an amenity kit, pajamas, and bedding. Dining is a highlight with tasty multi-course meals, afternoon tea, and an expansive wine list.

Some British Airways planes feature the new Club Suite business class seat, which is similar to the popular reverse herringbone seats on airlines like Cathay Pacific. These fully-enclosed suites have closing doors for maximum privacy. Club Suite offers even more space and storage, an 18-inch entertainment screen, and luxurious details like chandeliers. You can also pre-order meals on flights with Club Suite.

No matter which seat you get, British Airways provides excellent business class service, including fast track security and priority services throughout your journey. The airline's business class lounges offer great amenities to relax before your flight. Overall, British Airways business class balances luxury, comfort, and convenience when traveling between the US and Europe.

Air France

Air France offers one of the top business class experiences for flights between the US and Europe. Their La Première first class product is legendary, but Air France's business class cabins, branded as Business, are also highly regarded.

Business class on Air France long-haul flights features lie-flat seats in a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration. This gives every passenger direct aisle access and a high degree of privacy. The seats are comfortable for sleeping and working, with plenty of storage spaces. Business class amenities include premium bedding, pajamas, and amenity kits from high-end French brands like Clarins.

Dining is a highlight on Air France, with extensive menus of French cuisine created by Michelin-starred chefs like Joël Robuchon. Dishes are beautifully presented with fine china and glassware. There is an extensive wine list featuring many French wines and champagne. And the service is impeccable, with friendly, professional French flight attendants attending to passenger needs throughout the flight.

With excellent food, wine, seats, amenities, and service, Air France offers one of the best ways to cross the Atlantic in comfort and style. Flying in their Business cabin provides a quintessentially French experience that savvy flyers seek out.

Best Business Class Amenities

When flying business class to Europe, passengers can expect a high level of amenities and services to make the long international flight more comfortable. The top airlines provide lie-flat seats that recline into a fully flat bed, on-demand dining with restaurant-quality meals, premium cabin crew service, amenity kits, and enhanced entertainment systems.

  • Lie-Flat Seats: Gone are the days of angled business class seats. The best European carriers like Emirates, Singapore, and Lufthansa offer 180-degree lie-flat seats in their business class cabins. Many are in a 1-2-1 configuration for direct aisle access. Seats convert into fully flat beds for sleeping comfort on red-eye flights.

  • High-Speed Wifi: Complimentary high-speed wifi is now standard in most business class cabins flying to Europe. This allows travelers to stay connected inflight with internet browsing, email, messaging and streaming entertainment. However, connection reliability can vary.

  • Restaurant-Style Dining: Business class meals are restaurant-quality, providing an elevated inflight dining experience. Menu options include appetizers, entrees, cheese plates and desserts. Premium alcohol like champagne and wine are complimentary. Many airlines offer dine on demand, allowing you to eat when you want.

  • Amenity Kits: Passengers receive premium amenity kits with skincare products, eye masks, toothpaste and more. Airlines partner with luxury brands like Bvlgari, Clarins and Tumi for their kits. You'll arrive refreshed and ready for business or leisure.

  • Inflight Entertainment: Next generation entertainment systems provide extensive movie/TV choices, music, games and more. Seatback touchscreens are HD and WiFi enabled. Noise-cancelling headphones help you immerse in the inflight entertainment.

With spacious, comfortable seating, gourmet dining, and high-end amenities, the top European airlines make business class a premier inflight experience.

Business Class Lounge Access

One of the major perks of flying business class is access to airline lounges. Business class tickets on most major airlines come with lounge access before your flight. This allows you to relax in comfort while waiting to board your flight.

Lounges offer amenities like free food and drinks, comfortable seating, WiFi, showers, and more. Having a lounge to unwind in before a long-haul flight can make the airport experience much more pleasant.

Policies for lounge access vary between airlines. With most carriers, you can use your airline's lounges with a same-day business class ticket. Some airlines like Lufthansa allow business class passengers to use partner lounges as well.

For example, flying Lufthansa business class allows access to Lufthansa's Senator Lounges and United Club lounges when departing the US. This gives travelers more lounge options, especially in airports like Newark without a Lufthansa lounge.

Other carriers are more restrictive. British Airways only allows lounge access on BA-operated flights. If you fly American Airlines-operated BA codeshare flight, you cannot use BA lounges. Policies like these are important to research when comparing business class products.

Overall lounge access is a major benefit to flying business class, allowing you to maximize your pre-flight experience. Checking an airline's lounge access rules can help determine if their business class makes sense for your trip.

Business Class Costs

Business class tickets are significantly more expensive than economy class tickets. Prices can vary widely depending on the airline, route, and time of year. Generally, business class tickets from the US to Europe can range from $3,000 to over $10,000 roundtrip. Some general guidelines for pricing are:

  • Shorter flights under 7 hours: $3,000 - $5,000 roundtrip

  • Medium length flights 7-10 hours: $4,000 - $7,000 roundtrip

  • Long haul flights over 10 hours: $6,000 - $10,000+ roundtrip

Pricing also depends heavily on the specific route. Popular routes like New York to London or Los Angeles to Paris command a pricing premium. Less popular routes can be several thousand dollars cheaper even on the same airline.

Seasonality also impacts prices. Summer flights and holiday travel periods around Christmas and New Years are most expensive. January through March tend to have the lowest fares.

The specific airline makes a big difference as well. Flagship carriers like Lufthansa and Air France tend to be pricier. Middle Eastern airlines like Emirates offer very competitive business class pricing.

When weighing the costs, keep in mind the value of lie-flat seats for sleeping, premium amenities, lounge access, priority services, and increased baggage allowances that come with a business class ticket. For frequent long haul travelers, the benefits may justify the additional expense over economy class.


As you can see from this list, there are some excellent business class offerings for flights from the US to Europe. Each airline has its own strengths in amenities, service, food and drink, and more. Finding the right airline for your needs depends on your priorities and budget.

In summary, Emirates and Singapore offer some of the most luxurious experiences, with amenities like onboard showers and suites with double beds. They provide exceptional service standards and dining. Lufthansa and British Airways offer more traditional business class products, but with very comfortable lie-flat seats and high-quality food and service. Air France provides a middle-ground option.

When choosing your airline, think about the hard product like the seat and cabin layout, in-flight entertainment and WiFi availability. Also consider soft product factors like food and beverage quality, lounge access, and branded amenities. Flying business class is a sizable investment, so it’s worth comparing all the variables to find the best fit.

No matter which you choose, flying business class to Europe versus economy makes for a far superior and more enjoyable journey. With the added comfort, personal space, and luxury touches, you’ll arrive well-rested and ready to hit the ground running.

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